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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Disclaimer: Transformers belongs to Takara/Hasbro

Chapter 22: Clash of the Villains part 1

In Arkeville's Secret Lab...

Dr. Arkeville had tried to train the techo-organic girls and the insecticons to attack, but they seemed defiant.

The leaders of the dictated worlds did not seem very happy when they heard about that.

But Arkeville had a back up plan and put his mind control chips in their heads. They seemed to work and that made Arkeville happy. "This gentlemen is an extraordinary thing! I figured out a way to put them under my control, at last they are ready to attack!"

What he didn't know was that Blackarachnia had sabotaged his mind control by overriding it with her insecticon senses.

“Well? Did it work?” Monique asked.

"Yes, they now think of me as their queen." Blackarachnia answered.

“How did you do it?” Monique asked.

“It's similar to how a false queen takes over an ant colony, by giving off the right scent.” Blackarachnia answered.

“Still, we really need to escape and get to the Autobots.” Monique stated.

Blackarachnia spat, "No! I will not go to them."

"Why not? How long are you going to hold this grudge?" Monique asked.

"I got left behind. Even in your military that is considered treason." Blackarachnia answered.

Monique explained, "Unless certain circumstances has us believe that the soldier is dead, and if a rescue risks the others getting killed. And from what you told me about what happened on Archa 7, I'm gonna guess that both those factors applied. Also didn't you say that the idea to go there wasn't Optimus'?"

"Yes." Blackarachnia answered.

"So shouldn't the blame be on this other Prime instead?" Monique asked.

Blackarachnia sighed and answered, "I suppose so. Or I could blame it on my absorbed mod of the grappling hook that disappeared too quickly. Optimus did warn me that it may not last long enough to get back up."

"I know it's easy to blame someone else when bad things happen to you. But I'm sure that Optimus has been blaming himself the entire time. From what I heard from the other soldiers, him and his team were just a repair crew before they got here." Monique said.

"A repair crew? I guess he really did take the blame. Stupid Sentinel! Energon-y goodness..." she muttered the last part.

"Huh?" Monique looked puzzled.

"We went to that stupid planet in the first place to get energon that was on an abandoned Decepticon ship called the Twilight. Definitely wasn't worth it.” she said, and then scolded to herself “Grr! When I get my servos on Sentinel..."

"Hey, you can't keep beating yourself up. My grandmother always told me to not only forgive others for wrongdoing, but to forgive yourself and move forward." Monique explained.

"I wish it were that easy." Blackarachnia said.

"She also said that taking the easy paths may help us avoid the obstacles, but you never get them out of the way. Taking the hard way may be uncomfortable, but it is the most rewarding once you've accomplished taking those problems head on." Monique quoted.

"Your grandmother's lessons sound just like my sensei Yoketron back when I was in the academy. I had forgotten about them." Blackarachnia said.

"Well it's never too late to try again. So what do you say we find a way for all of us to get out of here?" Monique proposed.

Blackarachnia nodded and said, "Alright! But to make this work, you must do exactly what I instruct. Dr. Arkeville is getting ready to send them out to attack, but I will take it from there."

Meanwhile at Kaon on Cybertron...

The message that Megatron had broadcast was slowly reaching each group of Decepticons throughout the galaxy. A few were overjoyed to finally be free to leave without consequence. Tarn however did not believe that message was truly from Megatron and instead sought to bring justice to those who wronged him.

Some of the Decepticons such as Scorpinok, Bludgeon, and Ratbat declared themselves the new leader, and are now fighting for the title

“Can you believe this? Megatron switching sides?” said ex-senator Ratbat.

“Who would've thought that would ever happen?” said Bludgeon.

“You fools! That message is a trick! Megatron would never do such a thing!” said Tarn, the head of the forgotten justice division of the Decepticons. Just a look at his face, which resembles the Decepticon insignia, indicates such a position and fear amongst the Autobots.

“Well either way, he isn't here, so therefore...I declare myself the new Leader of the Decepticons!” Scorpinok shouted.

“Says who? You? I don't think so! I was a senator before the war broke out, so I know how politics can be manipulated in our favor, so I am the better choice for leader!” said Ratbat.

“You're both wrong! I would be better than both of you!” said Bludgeon.

All of them fight each other, until it gets interrupted with a loud blast in the air.

“What the slag?” Bludgeon reacted.

“Who did that?” Ratbat asked.

“I did!”

“Who are you?” Ratbat asked.

“I am the new leader of the Decepticons!”

“Oh really! Well you'll have to fight us first!” Scorpinok declared.

“Challenge accepted!”

The challenger transforms and the next thing that happens is Scorpinok is blasted into ashes before he could scream.

“Primus!” Ratbat exclaims in shock.

“Anyone else dare to challenge me?”

Bludgeon responds, “No thanks, leadership is all yours!”

“You do look familiar,'re different. What is your designation?” Tarn questioned.

The challenger smiles, makes his introduction, and then declares their first quest.


Mirage was scoping out what was now Sentinel's palace. He had on his invisibility cloak.

“OK guys, it's all clear!” he comlinked to his team of their resistance group.

Kup, Tap Out, Glyph, Lightbright, Lickety-Split, Hot Shot, and Cliffjumper all snuck inside. Cliffjumper used his override skills to open up any doors that his passcard would no longer work on.

“Guys! He's coming!” Tap Out yelled from his lookout.

Everyone scrambled to find a place to hide. Lickety-Split ran into Sentinel's room. She was scared for a second when she saw she wasn't alone.

Lickety gasped when she saw Sentinel's slave.

“Hide under here.” Elita-2 whispered as she gestured toward her berth covers.

“Thanks! Hey wait...Ariel? Is that you?” Lickety-Split questioned.

“I haven't heard that name in a long time. How did you know...wait...I know you! We went to class together.” said Elita-2.

“Oh Primus! What happened to you?” Lickety-Split asked.

Ariel cried, “You remember those upgrades I wanted so I could be more beautiful and popular?”

“Oh Ariel, I told you you didn't need them.” Lickety said.

“I know! But at that time Sentinel saw me in front of the body shop and offered to pay for them.”


“Yeah, and I let him. But...he didn't give me the ones I wanted. He made me look like another femme named Elita-1. He told me she was special to him, but that she was killed by a bot named Optimus. Told me how to act, made me pretend to be her so that it would be like she's still alive.” Ariel explained.

“Oh Primus! That is terrible!” Lickety Split exclaimed.

“Quiet! He's coming!” Ariel shushed as she put a blanket over Lickety Split.

Sentinel swaggered into the room and said to Elita-2/Ariel, “Well it looks like my work is nearly complete! I have all the citizens of Cybertron eating from my hands as they see me as their glorious new leader! They only thing that will make it even more perfect would be Optimus and his crew bowing at my feet. Even better if Optimus kisses my feet while I tell him what a worthless scarp of heap he is, and he'll even like it too! He he!”

“Is that so?”

Sentinel's fenials shot up as he yelped, “Who said that?”

He slowly turns around as a large purple figure steps out of the shadows, what he sees is a big surprise.

“Megatron? No! I thought I got rid of you!?” Sentinel screamed.

“I am not Megatron!!”

Sentinel looked perplexed as he replied, “Who?”

Lickety-Split peeked from beneath the covers and covered her mouth as she gasped.

“Megatron was a sorry excuse for a leader, but I don't care what you did with him, I am the new leader!” Galvatron exclaimed as he hit his chest.

Quickly thinking, Sentinel puts on a brave face and says, “Yes he was, I'll agree with you on that, I think you will be a better leader than him. But I could easily get rid of you too!”

“You're either really stupid or you've got the ball bearings to say that to my face.” Galvatron said. Then after looking around, he continues, “I do admit that you did a very good job of bringing Cybertron to their knees.”

Sentinel straightened up and said, “Of course I did! A good leader shows no fear and is not afraid to take swift action.”

“Not unless I take you down first! But...I have much bigger plans than Cybertron, plans that involve the Autobots and the traitorous Decepticons. I propose that we work together to take them all down, and once that is done, then...we shall both fight each other until one stands and the other falls!”

Sentinel thought about it for a second, and then he put out his hand and replies, “You've got yourself a deal!”

They shake hands.

Cliffjumper, who was spying from the side of the door couldn't believe that Sentinel made a deal with a Decepticon to get what he wanted. But now that he thought about it...Sentinel usually sunk low to rise.

“Now, how about we have some high grade to celebrate this...temporary union?” Sentinel proposes.

Cliffjumper panicked as he tried to find a place to hide, and almost yelped when he felt a hand grab him.

“Shh! It's me.” Mirage whispered while in his invisibility cloak.

After Sentinel and Galvatron exited, they both enter inside.

Lickity-Split peeked from the covers and was relieved to see Cliffjumper and Mirage.

“Oh thank Primus!”

“What are you doing in here?” Cliffjumper asked.

“I was trying to find a place to hide and she helped me.”

“She?” Cliffjumper responded in confusion, until Ariel came out from under the covers.

“Wha...? Elita?” Cliffjumper reacted.

“No, I'm Ariel. Sentinel made me look like her and made me his slave.”

“Oh Primus, I'm so sorry!”

“It's alright, you didn't know.”

“I should have.”

“Don't feel bad. Nobody knew that Arcee was locked up in the infirmary, until now.” Lickety-Split said.

Cliffjumper frowned because he knew that she was locked up. Ultra Magnus and the other higher ups all knew, but they did nothing to help her.

At this time, Kup enters the room.

“There you guys are! Megatron appears to have returned.”

“That's not Megatron. He said his name is Galvatron and he and Sentinel have teamed up.”

“Galvatron?” Rodimus asked as he followed in behind Kup.

“Guys! Let's talk about this later, I found the space bridge.” Mirage said.

“Let's go!” Kup ordered.

“Come with us!” Lickety said to Ariel.

“I can't! I'm chained down to his berth.” Ariel said.

“Here!” Glyph said as she blasted the chain apart.

Lickety-Split and Glyph help Ariel walk since she is too weak to do so on her own. They run down the hall and up to the door that leads to the space bridge outside. The guards Sentinel had posted are both knocked out.

Cliffjumper puts in Earth's coordinates and it lights up in approval.

“Oh thank Primus! I never thought I'd be happy to want to go to an organic planet.” Cliffjumper stated.

“Nor would you have believed it if I had told you that you would.” Mirage said.

“I wouldn't have believed that we'd be talking like friends either.” Cliffjumper said as Mirage smirked.

“OK, as happy as this conversation is, we need to go now!” Kup pushed.

“You're right! But where on Earth is Optimus and his crew?” Cliffjumper asked.

“I think Rodimus said the territory is called North America.” Mirage guessed.

“OK...” Cliffjumper says as he types it in, then adds, “It's a big continent! We need to narrow it down!”

“Um...I think he said there's states, something called Michigan.” Mirage added.

“OK...that almost narrows it down, but it appears to be in two pieces! There seems to be a large body of a liquid substance in between called Lake Erie.” Cliffjumper said.

“Hey guys, I think I once heard something about a city called Detroit.” said Hot Shot.

Cliffjumper types it in and finds it on the map as well as the space bridge location on the outskirts of the city.

“There it is! Why didn't you say that in the first place? This would have saved some time!”

“Guys, let's go!” Kup shouts.

“I'm going!” said Tap Out as he jumps through with Kup.

“Glyph, you and Lightbright next!” Cliffjumper orders.

They both jump through.

Cliffjumper turns to Alpha Trion and says, “You first.”

“Thank you, but I am not going.” Alpha Trion stated.

“What!? Why?” Cliffjumper questioned.

“I am needed here.” Alpha explained

“Sentinel has been trying to get rid of you for several vorns! You'll be in danger if you stay!” Cliffjumper exclaimed.

“My time is almost up and I have a few more things to do before I join the Well of Allsparks.” Alpha Trion said.

Cliffjumper looked worried.

Alpha Trion explained, “Do not worry for me please. I know things are very bleak and they will get worse than the war with Megatron. I can't tell you how it ends, but I can tell you that it will get better, especially with the arrival of numerous new-sparks, among them will be many that were once rare. You will understand when that time comes.”

As Alpha Trion walks away, Cliffjumper focuses back on the tasks at hand. After Tap-Out, Glyph, and Lightbright went through the bridge, Lickety-Split finally made it out while carrying Ariel.

Just when they get to the bridge, a shot goes off and the girls quickly duck. When they realize they didn't get shot, they quickly get up but is horrified when they see that Cliffjumper got hit.

“Oh Primus!” Lickety screamed.

Lickety-Split was about to use her power, which is the ability of traveling in time a few nanokliks, but also drains her energon.

Cliffjumper struggles to tell her, “No! Just...go, leave me here!”

But she lifts him up and drags him into the bridge opening. She goes back for Ariel and they both go through the bridge, but she feels a hand grab onto her wheel. She screams as she is snatched by Lugnut while Ariel made it through the other side.

Lugnut, who has been confused of who his true master, looked between Sentinel and Galvatron and said, “I caught her...master or uh masters.”

She is horrified to see the mech that resembles Megatron.

“Well, well! Who do we have here? Good job on capturing this lovely femme!” Galvatron said as he looked her up and down and then strokes her face.

“She should be punished for stealing something from me!” Sentinel spat as he sneered at her.

“Hey! Ariel is not an object! She is a sentient being!” Lickety shouted.

“Well...if you care so much about her, then you will lead us to her...or I will take you as my new slave instead!” Sentinel threatened.

Lickety-Split gasped.

Galvatron snapped, “You go into the bridge yourself and get your slave back, this one's mine!”

Sentinel looked at the bridges coordinates and replied with fear, “There? But it's all organic! There's disgusting fleshy creatures that will spit venom on you!”

“I don't care! Or perhaps I shall go there and take her too.” Galvatron threatened.

“What!? No! I already lost Elita-1, I will not lose Elita-2!” Sentinel shouted.

“Then go!” Galvatron gestured toward the bridge.

“Aren't you coming too?” Sentinel asked.

“And leave this planet alone to be reconquered by the people? I don't think so!”

Sentinel hesitates for a second and slowly makes his way in, and then gets kicked into the bridge by Galvatron.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Sentinel screamed as he fell forward and landed on his chin.

Lugnut shouts as he runs into the bridge, “Master! I am coming with you!”

Meanwhile Galvatron turns his attention back to Lickety-Split.

She asks, “What are you going to do with me?”

“As I said my dear, you are mine! But not to worry, unlike Sentinel, I won't keep you chained up to a berth. I won't have to because I will treat you so well that you'll never want to leave my side.”

He leans in closer and whispers, “You will be my queen.”

Lickety-Split was scared, but then she thought, “He's not so bad looking.” She always secretly thought that Megatron was very good looking. “Maybe if I go along with this, I could have a chance to get away.”

So she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Giving in already? Or you thinking that if you play along that you can escape.” Galvatron.

“What? No! I won't, I promise.” Lickety-Split replied.

“It's OK, I was expecting this. I promise you this, I'm going to let you go, but you will come back to me willingly.” Galvatron said as he thought of how pleasuring her will make her stay by his side.

Cyclonus runs up and asks about Sentinel, “You let him get away?”

“Of course I did.” Galvatron answered.

“Why? We could've killed him and all the traitors!” Cyclonus stated.

“Do you think that Sentinel is going to make it back here alive?” Galvatron asked.

“No. He's an idiot for going after them, especially Megatron.” Cyclonus answered.

“Exactly. They will take him out. Then they will probably have peace, and we shall let them enjoy it for a while, so this way we shall strike when they least expect it.” Galvatron explained.

“Good plan.” Cyclonus said. But at that moment, he saw Lickety-Split who was by Galvatron's side, suddenly disappear and before he could say anything, time seemed to shift.

Lickety-Split took a big risk and shifted a minute back hoping to get to the moment before she was grabbed and she threw Ariel into the bridge. She turned back around and faced Lugnut who was about to grab her, but she zipped right underneath his legs, climbs up onto Galvatron, kisses his lips, and then she zips right back into the bridge.

Sentinel yells, “Hey! That's the femme who took my slave! She's getting away!”

“Then go after her and get your slave back.” Galvatron said.

Sentinel looked at the bridges coordinates and replied with fear, “There? But it's all organic! There's disgusting fleshy creatures that will spit venom on you!”

“I don't care! Or perhaps I shall go there and take her too.” Galvatron threatened.

“What!? No! I already lost Elita-1, I will not lose Elita-2!” Sentinel shouted.

“Then go!” Galvatron gestured toward the bridge.

“Aren't you coming too?” Sentinel asked.

“And leave this planet alone to be reconquered by the people? I don't think so!”

Sentinel hesitates for a second and slowly makes his way in, and then gets kicked into the bridge by Galvatron.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Sentinel screamed as he fell forward and landed on his chin.

Lugnut shouts as he runs into the bridge, “Master! I am coming with you!”

Cyclonus runs up and asks about Sentinel, “You let him get away?”

“Of course I did.” Galvatron answered.

“Why? We could've killed him and all the traitors!” Cyclonus stated.

“Do you think that Sentinel is going to make it back here alive?” Galvatron asked.

“No! He's an idiot for going after them, especially Megatron!” Cyclonus answered.

“Exactly! They will take him out. Then they will probably have peace, and we shall let them enjoy it for a while, so this way we shall strike when they least expect it.” Galvatron explained.

“Good...hey wait a minute...didn't we just have this conversation?” Cyclonus asked about the deja vu he was feeling.

“We did. That femme used her power.” Galvatron said.

“The one that kissed you before she took off?” Cyclonus asked.

“Yes! She is truly something special. But again we must wait for the right time to strike, and when we do, I shall make that femme mine!” Galvatron said with a smile at the thought of having her in his berth.

Galvatron still remembers what happened before Lickety-Split shifted time back. Unicron had given him that ability.

Back on Earth...

Carly stormed out from her living quarters that she and Sam lived in at the base.

“Carly wait! I'm sorry!” Sam called out after her.

“Too late for that now.” Carly replied.

“Well fine! I'll tell Bee not to give you a ride to work!” Sam spat.

“Not a problem.” Carly said and then called out, “Anyone want to give me a ride?”

Soundwave quickly transformed into a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Carly smirked at Sam and said, “See?”

As Sam walked away, Will Lennox asked, “You OK?”

Sam signed and answered, “I don't know. I really screwed up! And now she's gone.”

Will put a hand on Sam's shoulder and assured him, “Hey, we all make mistakes, but she'll come around.”

Sam put his hands on his head and cried, “Why can't I keep a girlfriend?”

Starscream asked Alexis, “What was that about?”

Alexis explained, “Sam thought that Carly's boss has been trying to hit on her and thought that she was giving in to his advances.” seeing the puzzled look, she elaborated, “Sam thinks Carly's boss is trying to take her as his mate. So they have ended their courtship.”

“Oh! Hmm...Or maybe she's playing with both of them like that femme that made me and Skyfire fight.” Starscream said.

“The one that you said left you for Skyfire?” Alexis asked.

“Yes, except that She had told him that she was leaving him for me!” Starscream exclaimed.

“So she played you both. That bitch!” Alexis stated.

“Yeah. But...if not for that, you and I wouldn't have gotten together, and neither would have Skyfire and Slipstream.” Starscream explained.

“True. It also wouldn't have happened if not for Rad breaking up with me.” Alexis added.

They both laughed.

“So...what is going to happen with Sam and Carly now?” Starscream asked.

“If they were meant to be together, they'll come back around. But in the meantime, I get the feeling that they will be dating other people.” Alexis answered.

Meanwhile Carly was venting to Soundwave about Sam. “I can't believe he would just....Argh! Even if I glanced at a guy, he had a jealous fit. Well if he suspects that I am with another, he will be right about that now!”

Soundwave asked, “Am I correct to assume this is the best time to ask for your courtship?”

Carly replies coyly, “Are you asking me out?”

“I apologize if this was too soon to ask.” Soundwave said.

“Usually it would be, but I knew you had a crush on me and I appreciate that you waited until Sam and I broke up.” Carly said as she rubs the dashboard of the car.

“Perhaps we could just engage in interface if you would prefer?” Soundwave asked.

“You mean could we just be sex friends? That actually sounds really good right now. Please pull over now!” Carly ordered.

Soundwave does as he is asked, parking in a secluded area away from the public.

“Would you like me to take a holo form?” Soundwave asks.

“No, you don't have to. I hear you have tentacles and I've always wanted to interface with you guys in robot form.” Carly confessed.

Ever since that both factions became known to the world, countless women have confessed fantasies of interfacing with them. Soundwave read all about them and has also seen every porn online, including the sex video of Powerglide and Astoria, which surpassed sales of Paris Hilton's.

At first, Soundwave was disgusted with the idea of humans and robots interfacing, but since getting to know the humans better, he changed is mind and has already interfaced with several female NEST soldiers and the civilian women who have made propositions to him online.

“Are you comfortable?” Soundwave asked.

“Yess!!!” Carly answered as she was already naked and writhing in her seat.

Soundwave's tentacles snaked out and changed the tips to a phallus shape. Carly grabbed two of them and alternated in [EXP] and then sucking them. The other two [EXP] into her [EXP] and in her [EXP]. Carly [EXP] her pelvis as Soundwave works his tentacles in and out.

“Oh God! I'm almost there! Don't stop!” Carly ordered.

Soundwave continued with thrusting and then vibrating the tentacles.

He also had Laserbeak record video of everything as he usually has him do with all his partners, and then posts them online in hopes of beating Powerglide's popularity. But this video he is recording right now will not be released because he wants Carly all to himself. Even if she goes back to Sam Witwicky, he'll always have this moment to savor.

Soundwave is also storing the feelings he's getting from her so that he can also use that for feeling pleasure. Her legs are now shaking as he overloads into her. Carly collapsed back into the seat as Soundwave retracted his tentacles back.

“That was incredible! Let's do it again anytime!” Carly exclaimed in a breathy tone.

Just as Carly was getting dressed, Soundwave spots the Galloway running down the road at a distance. He could tell how distressed he looked, so he drove up to him.

Carly called out to him, “Hey! Are you OK?”

He looked at her, wanting to warm them about the mad scientists and about her boss Dylan Gould, but he could not speak. Soundwave tried reading his mind, but something was interfering. It was then he spotted the watch on his wrist that was really not a watch at all.

Soundwave tried to remove the watch, but it transformed and the creature shorted out his circuits leaving him in stasis.

“Soundwave!” Carly screamed.

Then a loud buzzing could be heard. Carly looked up and saw huge insect like creatures and to her horror, some of them swooped down and scooped her, Soundwave, and Galloway up.

Back at the Base...

Knockout sees Slipstream gliding out of Megatron and Optimus' room. Last night, she was hanging out with Megatron and Optimus drinking high grade. Then he invited her into their room and offered to share her with Optimus. Skyfire gave her the go ahead signal as she had happily walked into their room.

Many moans and banging sounds were heard through the hanger, which by now doesn't bother anyone else since they too do the same things. Knockout however...found out his late mate's long kept secret.

“Hmm...let me had an amazing night.” Knockout asked Slipstream with a tone of envy over her interfacing with Optimus.

“Oh yessss! Megatron was even better than I dreamed of!” Slipstream answered wistfully.

“What about sweet rims, did you and him...” Knockout asked.

“Yes, we interfaced too, and he is definitely a Prime! Mmm!” Slipstream boldly stated.

“Could you tell me the details? Like how big is he? Does he like to top or bottom?” Knockout asked.

“Why don't you find out for yourself? That is...if you don't mind being shared with Megatron.” Slipstream suggested.

“Really? He'd interface with me?” Knockout giddily asked, not caring if he has to do Megatron too.

“Yeah. But tell me, how was your night with Tracks?” Slipstream asked.

Knockout frowned.

“Oh...that bad?” Slipstream questioned.

“No, no! Nothing like that. It's just that...Tracks is actually Breakdown's...and mine.” Knockout explained.

“What? You mean...he's your sparkling?” Slipstream asked in shock.

“Yeah. Breakdown was the carrier. It was when he first switched to our side and we were both immediately attracted to each other. We bonded shortly after that, then he suddenly disappeared for a good while. I was worried sick and went to go look for him, and by the time I got close, he came back with no explanation. Now that I think about it...before he got killed a few vorns ago, he did tell me he had something important to tell me. I think it was gonna be about Tracks.”

“So...are you sure that Tracks is yours?” Slipstream asked.

“Well let's see...he's got the same build and colors as Breakdown and he's just as vein and gay as me, so yeah, he's definitely from my spark. But I also did a CNA test and confirmed it.” Knockout answered.

“Tracks is your son?” Megatron asked as he and Optimus came out of their room.

“Yes he is, and I'm sorry Breakdown and I sparked him while we served you.” Knockout said.

“No, please don't apologize for that. I will not punish you for that. I'm not like that anymore.” Megatron stated.

“I think that's wonderful you two found each other. I know it will take some time, but I hope you both can come together as a family. I wish that for all who also sparked during the war.” Optimus said.

“Me too. Unfortunately I am afraid that many may not have survived under my wrath.” Megatron said in shame.

Optimus put a hand on his shoulder and told him, “We all make mistakes, but now there will be opportunities for all to spark without the threat of that wrath.”

“Thanks.” Megatron said and then turns to Slipstream and says, “I hope you had a wonderful night.”

“Of course! I'd love to do this again.” Slipstream said as she accepted Megatron's kiss on her wrist. “I do want to know one thing.”

“Yes, you and Optimus can interface anytime you want.” Megatron said.

Slipstream laughed and said, “Not that, but thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Actually I just wanted to know why you never hit on me before?”

Remembering how he had brushed her off or ignored her advances, he answered, “It wasn't that I found you unattractive because you are the most beautiful femme I ever had on my team.”

Slipsream smiled and responded, “Well thank you. Was it because I came from Starscream?”

Megatron explained, “Part of it. I know you don't know what part of him you came from, but I think you are his intelligent side. And because I thought that, I was afraid that you would have taken over the Decepticons as Queen.”

Slipsream looking flattered replied, “Really? Me? A Queen? I never even thought of that! Although I would have liked to be Queen, but I would have preferred to have such a powerful mech by my side. But two hot and powerful mechs is even better.” Slipstream coyly replied as she throws her arms around Megatron and Optimus, bending each one down to kiss on the lips.

Both kissed her back and then kissed each other. “I'll see you boys later.” she flirted as she walks away toward her awaiting mate Skyfire.

Knockout looked over at Optimus and asked, “So...I was thinking...and with Megatron's approval, could we...?”

But a crashing sound interrupted him. They look over and see Rodimus and his crew. Rushing inside the hanger.

“Am I too late? Is... Oh Primus!” Rodimus exclaimed when he sees Megatron.

“My my! Who is this?” Knockout asks as he looks up and down at Rodimus.

“Rodimus! What's going on?” Optimus asks.

“First of all...what is Megatron doing here?” Rodimus questioned.

“It's OK, he's on our side now, it's a long story. But why come crashing here? What's going on?” Optimus asked.

“Well...if Megatron is on our side, that's good, but I'm afraid we've got bigger problems now.” Rodimus asked.

“What would that be?” Optimus asked.

At this moment a space bridge opens up. Kup, Tap Out, Glyph, Lightbright, followed by Cliffjumper come running out. A few seconds later, Sentinel comes tumbling out.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Sentinel screamed as he fell on the floor.

“Slag! Talk about weird timing. That would be it,” Rodimus answered as he pointed at Sentinel Magnus.

Sentinel slowly get up from the ground and sneers at the dust around him.

“Ugh! Disgusting organic filth! I'm going to annihilate this mudball planet when I'm through with you all!” Sentinel threatened as he pointed to Cliffjumpers group.

“That's the threat you're warning us about?” Megatron questioned about Sentinel.

Just as Rodimus was about to answer, time shifted back a bit and this time Lickety-Split came out before Sentinel, who zooms over toward the primes and Megatron.

“He's coming! He's coming! We need help!” Lickety-Split shouted before collapsing. Megatron catches her.

“Who is coming?” Optimus asked her.

Rodimus pointed toward the bridge and said, “Him!”

Sentinel had tumbled out like he did before the time shift.

“Ugh! Disgusting organic filth! I'm going to annihilate this mudball planet when I'm through with you all!” Sentinel threatened as he pointed to Cliffjumpers group.

“What just happened? I feel like we've just repeated things.” Megatron commented.

“She must have used her power.” Rodimus said and elaborated, “She can shift time back a few breems, but it drains her energon.”

Megatron grabs an emergency cube from his subspace and tips the cube into her lips. Lickety-Split quickly gulps it.

“Easy! Don't drink too fast, you'll get air in your tanks.” Megatron told her.

“Well this is different.” Rodimus said about Megatron.

“Guys! We've got a problem!” Cliffjumper yells after Lugnut came charging out.

“I'm here master!” Lugnut shouted.

“Lugnut! You're back!” Strika exclaimed.

But he walked past her and helped Sentinel get back up.

“Thank you my loyal servant!” Sentinel said.

“What have you done to him?” Strika screamed.

“I helped him see who truly appreciates him, unlike some leaders here.” Sentinel said as he looked over at Megatron.

Lugnut's big optic closed and then opened like a camera lense and then glowed a fiery red. Megatron knew he was getting ready to use his P.O.K.E. Weapon, which would kill everyone in this building. Beforehand he would have allowed that, but now that he has made peace with the Autobots and accepted the humans, now he had to stop him.

“Everybody get out! Now!” Lennox barked out. Normally he and his soldiers would take on a large Decepticon, but Lugnut's weapon is too dangerous for them to handle, so he is going to let Optimus and Megatron take care of him.

Megatron handed Lickety-Split off to Rodimus and said, “Take her out of here and have Knockout give her medical attention! I'll handle him.”

“Lugnut! Vat are jou doing?” Blitzwing asked as he confronted him.

“Blitzwing no! Let me handle him!” Megatron shouted.

“Dis isn't jou!” Blitzwing added.

But Lugnut charged at him with his weapon. Blitzwing shielded himself between the weapon and everyone remaining. The P.O.K.E. Weapon went off and sent Blitzwing flying backward.

Optimus looked him over and saw extensive damage from absorbing the weapon's destruction, but he was still alive and in his Random mode.

“Blitzwing. Are you...?” Optimus asked.

“OK? Ja! Tis nothing I haven't done before.” Random answered with a smile, and then coughed up soot.

Lugnut was ready to strike Megatron with his weapon, but Megatron had his hands up in the air.

He looked angry at that gesture and shouted, “You are surrendering? Then you truly are a traitor to the Decepticons! We would never do such a thing! Nor would we ever side with the Autobots! But worst of all, you never appreciated my loyalty to you! You liked Shockwave better, and you both made fun of me!”

Megatron stated, “Yes that is true, Decepticons never surrender or take sides with the Autobots. You're not wrong about me and Shockwave either. But we've been blind the whole time, this whole war was just a ploy to keep the caste system intact. The senate needed a reason to make the Cybertronians believe that it was better to keep things the same, and we fell into that trap that made us into the bad guys, we became exactly what they wanted. As for your loyalty, I'm so sorry that I misled you! Strika told me about your sparklinghood how your creator always put you down and that your found me at the gladiator matches and became your hero. You were not the only one who followed me blindly. I made you all believe that you would have a better future, but all I was going to do was replace the old caste system with a new one, except mine would have been worse. What happened to me in that mirror universe was the most horrible things one could not even imagine! Yet it opened my optics to what my future could have become if I continued down the same destructive path. But now all I want is a true end to the war, and I don't want you or anyone to follow me or anyone blindly. I want everyone to make their own choices. Lugnut, you are free to make your own choice to follow anyone you wish. If you wish to destroy me, then go ahead!”

Everyone around, including the new arrivals were stunned by Megatron's speech. Someone in the crowd mentioned that they hoped someone recorded it. Rumble and Frenzy replied that if Soundwave is not here, he always has Laserbeak or Buzzsaw recording and are now archiving it for later playback.

Meanwhile Lugnut was still pointing his weapon at Megatron, but was shaking very unsteadily as he was now torn between his former and his new loyalty.

Sentinel was getting angry and shouted, “What are you waiting for!? Kill him!”

He looked at Megatron and started remembering how much he wanted to please him. He also noticed Strika giving him a pleading look and also started remembering their love for each other. But the memories of what Sentinel did to pleasure him also surfaced. His processor and his control chip started fighting for control and made one hand want to shoot Megatron, but the other to try and stop it.

Sentinel had enough and shouted, “You stupid glitchhead! I should've known better that you can't carry out a simple order!”

Strika saw Sentinel pull out a small remote device and then realized that it was a killswitch. As she saw him push the button, she screamed as she tried to make a lunge for it, “Noooooo!!!!”

But it was too late, the button had been pushed and Lugnut's whole body was surging with electric shocks and then toppled over.

Megatron rushed over to him. “Lugnut!”

After knocking Sentinel out, Strika immediately joined his side and shouted, “No! You can't be dead! You survived other things. Please don't offline!”

Lugnut looked up at her and struggled as he said, “I'm sorry for not listening to you. I shouldn't have stayed out all night on the space bridge.”

“Lugnut, I forgive you! But please save your energy!” She shouted, “Ratchet! Please help him!”

He then looked over at Megatron and said, “I'm sorry for betraying you, Sentinel made me believe he was better than you.”

“It's OK. He had put a control chip in you, it's not your fault. But I truly am sorry for how I had treated you.” Megatron apologized.

“I forgive you master.” Lugnut said.

“You don't have to call me that. I'm not your leader anymore. You are free to follow anyone you choose.” Megatron said.

“I still choose you.” Lugnut declared.

“If that is what you wish, I'll respect that.” Megatron said.

“Aww how sweet! Well you can both die together along with Optimus!” Sentinel said as he woke up and pointed a gun at them both.

But he was interrupted by the very loud buzzing sounds and the blackening of the sky.

“What the slag?” Sentinel responded.

When he saw that they were giant insect creatures, he screamed like a girl as he dropped his weapon and ran away. But he didn't get very far when one of them dropped down in front of him.

He was even more shocked to see who was riding the creature.

“Hello Sentinel!” Blackarachnia greeted.

To be continued...
Beaten, Broken, and Scarred ch 22
So sorry it took me so long to update! I think over a year! Thank you guys for being so patient, and I really will try to get this story completed.

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Again I have it censored in some parts because I'd rather not take the risk of having this taken down for content. I do have it uncensored at and at AO3.

So hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

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