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Transformers is owned by Hasbro/Takara.

Authors note: middle section edited for content.

Chapter 13: Nemesis Prime's Inferno

At the Space Bridge Port on Cybertron...

Lugnut dropped Jazz, Blurr, and Shockwave on the ground and then transformed back into robot mode. He punched in the coordinates that Sentinel had given him and after that, a blue sphere of light came on. He scooped everyone up and got ready to toss them in the space bridge.

"Lugnut wait! These are the same coordinates where Megatron ended up!" Jazz spoke up.

"I don't care!" Lugnut responded.

"But you can go through here and rescue him!" Jazz asserted.

Knowing where Jazz was going with this, Shockwave added, "He's right! You can go rescue Megatron, and when you do, he will be most grateful and hail you as a hero! He may even make you his new second-in-command!"

Lugnut froze as he processed this, but Sentinel's reprogramming made him remember how Shockwave always got more praise from Megatron than him, his large optic grew dark in anger.

"NO! He'll just praise you instead for suggesting the idea! You can burn in the pit with him!" Lugnut seethed. Then with a loud roar of rage, he threw Shockwave as hard as he could into the bridge.

Shockwave screamed as he flew in at a high speed.

Lugnut threw Blurr in next, but not as hard as Shockwave. Jazz was just tossed in. Because of the different speeds they were thrown at, each bot ended up in a different place in the shattered glass universe.

On the Other Side of the Bridge...

Blurr and Shockwave landed far from each other, but Blurr's speed helped him catch up to Shockwave.

"Are-you-OK?-Are-you-hurt?-Please-tell-me-you're-OK!" Blurr asked worriedly.

"What do you care Autobot!?" Shockwave shot back.

"Of-course-I-care-about-you,-don't-you-see-what-it-means?-Did-our-times-together-not-mean-anything-to-you?" Blurr questioned.

"Is your processor fragged? I was only pretending to love you when I was Longarm, but I'm not Longarm Prime! I am Shockwave, and love is a weakness! It is also illogical for an Autobot and a Decepticon to be bonded! Now go away!" Shockwave shouted.

Blurr's eyes leaked lubricants as he ran off crying. And then Shockwave started to cry too because he really did love Blurr, but because of his loyalty to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, a relationship would never work out. When he had realized he had developed feelings for Blurr, he fought them as hard as he could, but they never went away.

Flashback to his secret conversation with Megatron...

"Thank you again Shockwave, another successful failure for the Autobots! Yet you looked so heroic when you appeared to be fighting against us!" Megatron said over the video comlink.

"Yes, though it did pain me to be shooting at one of our own." Shockwave replied.

"Oh please! Starscream had taken much worse hits than what you gave him, he'll be fine!" Megatron brushed off.

"Yeah." Shockwave responded while thinking about whether to bring up the issue he had been having lately with Blurr.

"Something bothering you Shockwave?" Megatron asked.

"How did you...?" Shockwave questioned.

"I can see it in your optics, you look like you have something to say, but your hesitant. Spit it out! What is it?" Megatron demanded.

Shockwave sighed and explained, "OK, but don't say anything until you hear me out first. First off, I was only trying to gain the trust of a fellow Elite Guard member so I could get access to more vital information."

Megatron's facial expression changed to a frown and he asked, "Stop dancing around and get straight to the point, what did you do?"

Shockwave thought, "It's now or never" and quickly explained, "I interfaced with Agent Blurr a few times, but the last time we did has done something different to me. I feel the need to be with him!"

Now Megatron looked angry and shouted, "WHAT!? You bonded with him? How could you? Are you forgetting your mission?"

"Never! You know my loyalty is with you! I would never betray the Decepticons! I did all I could to avoid an accidental bond! The barrier must've broke! I'm sorry my Lord!"

"Are you sure? It seems to me like you have...feelings for this Autobot!" Megatron stated.

"I can't help it! I tried to fight it! But I can't! They say you can't help who you fall in love with." Shockwave silenced his vocalizer when he blurted out his true feelings.

"WHAT!?!? Have you forgotten what I have said about Love?" Megatron roared.

"Never my Lord! But how about if I use it to bring Blurr to our side? I can show him the light of what we are really about and make him realize that everything he's been told about us by the Elite guard and the council is a lie. I know he'll do it, he loves me, I can feel it." Shockwave proposed.

"Absolutely Not! I will not accept an Autobot amongst my ranks!" Megatron stated.

"But what about Blackarachnia? She was an Autobot, and yet she is amongst your ranks right now!" Shockwave pointed out.

"Well that's only because she was already Decepticon-like when Blitzwing found her, but this Autobot you speak of is still an Autobot! And don't even think about trying to change him! Whatever rendezvous you have going with him, end it now! And if you don't...I'll kill him!" Megatron ordered.

"Yes my Lord, it is over." Shockwave reluctantly obeyed.

"Good! Just remember, love is a weakness. It is for Autobots, not us!" Megatron stated.

Shockwave turned off the comlink and then he cried.

End of Flashback...

Shockwave thought back to how hard it was to avoid Blurr, how he had poured himself into his work to avoid him. He almost felt relieved when Sentinel revealed his true identity to Blurr hoping it would make him stay away for sure, yet he still wanted him! But he wouldn't have long to mope as he was soon surrounded by the Autobots of this universe.

"Well, well, well! I don't believe it! It's the other traitor!"

Shockwave looked at this bot in shock because he recognized him as Ironhide, only he was more Decepticon like.

"Yeah! And we got the first one right here!" Said SG Bulkhead, who had Blurr in his grip.

"What the slag? You guys aren't the Autobots, your colors are all wrong!" Shockwave exclaimed.

"What do ya mean our colors are wrong? We are Autobots! And you are a traitor for posing as one, and for turning this one against us!" SG Ironhide shouted.

"Hold on Hide! You sure these are the same guys? Look at their insignias, they're the wrong colors!" asked SG Brawn, who was even more menacing than his counterpart.

Ironhide looked them over and saw that Shockwave's Decepticon insignia was purple and Blurr's Autobot insignia was red.

"Hmm...then this means they must be from the other world that the other Megatron is from! Oh well! Revenge is revenge, might as well take it out on the ones that are close enough to those traitors!" Ironhide declared.

"Megatron is here?" Shockwave asked.

"Yes he is! And he's been a good little bitch to Optimus and I! But you're gonna be my little bitch! And your little girlfriend too!" Ironhide laughed as he dragged Shockwave who tried to grip the large rocks nearby to get away.

But Brawn punched that rock and broke it in little pieces.

"You're not going anywhere! I can't wait to rip into your aft, though after Ironhide is done with you...your aft is gonna be wide open!" Brawn purred sinisterly.

"Shockwave!" Blurr shouted as Bulkhead dragged him away in a different direction.

"Ooo! Bumblebee is gonna be so happy when I bring you to him! He's been wanting your counterpart for so long, at least he can have the next best thing!" Bulkhead gleefully exclaimed.

Jazz had landed on top of a cliff, which was far above where Blurr and Shockwave landed. He watched in horror as they were both dragged away, feeling powerless to stop these Autobots which he could tell were even more sick and and twisted than their Decepticons.

"I'm sorry Blurr! But I will rescue you somehow! But how?" Jazz said to himself.

"How about you stay where you are Autobot scum!"

Jazz froze as he felt a gun on the back of his neck. He figured if the Autobots in this world were bad, then the one pointing the gun had to be a Decepticon, who would be the good guys. Of course they wouldn't know that he is a good guy like them, and he'd probably do the same to them if they had ended up on his world.

"Put your hands above your head where I can see them!"

"OK! Let's be cool! I'm putting my weapons down, and my hands on my head." Jazz obeyed as he kept his cool while setting his weapon down.

"Stay put!" barked the Decepticon in a deep baritone voice, and then ordered another, "Grab his gun."

As Jazz's weapon was grabbed, he could feel optics looking him over and then heard a feminine voice.

"Hold on...he looks different!"

"Are you sure?"

"His colors are way different and he seems to be...civil."

"Let's get a closer look." he said, then ordered Jazz, "You! Turn around now!"

Jazz did as he was instructed, and then was shocked to see who was ordering him around. The mech sounded like Thundercracker, but his colors were the same except that his armor was black with blue features, but his optics were sapphire blue. The femme that was with him surprised him the most.

"Arcee?" Jazz replied in shock over how different she looked here, her armor being dark red and having black features, and she had ruby red optics.

"You know who I am? But how? You look like Jazz, but you look different! Why? Start talking!" She commanded.

"We were tossed into the space bridge in our Universe with the coordinates that led us here, but in our world, those coordinates are illegal! Get this, in our world, the Autobots are the good guys, and the Decepticons are the bad guys! You dig?" Jazz explained.

He watched as SG Thundercracker and Arcee whispered to each other.

"I think he's telling the truth. This has to be the counterpart to Jazz here." Arcee whispered.

"He does seem more...upbeat, unlike the cold-sparked one." Thundercracker stated.

"We should take him to headquarters just to make sure." Arcee said.

"Agreed!" he responded, then he turns to Jazz and says, "Alright, you're coming with us, but I'm putting stasis cuffs on you!"

"OK man, I understand y'all don't trust me. I'm willing to cooperate with ya." Jazz obeyed.

This part edited for content, Click on the links to read it.

Meanwhile at Decepticon Headquarters, located on the Moon...

Jazz had been interrogated by SG Thundercracker and his fellow clone SG Sunstorm, who was also skeptical of him.

"I'm telling ya man! I ain't from this universe! Everything here is the complete opposite of my universe!" Jazz explained again.

"And I'll you again that that is a load of scrap! You expect me to believe that a mirror universe exists?" Sunstorm questioned.

Jazz threw up his hands in the air and said in defeat, "Fine! Don't believe me! Just throw me in the brig!"

Thundercracker and Sunstorm exchanged glances, puzzled that he was just surrendering himself like this.

"That's enough you two, I believe him."

"But commander! This could be a trick!" Sunstorm remarked.

"True, but I have proof that this Jazz is telling the truth." said SG Starscream.

"Proof of what?" Sunstorm asked.

"That there really is a universe that is completely parallel and sometimes the opposite of each other." Starscream answered.

"O...K, and where is this proof?" Sunstorm asked.

Starscream was used to Sunstorm's criticisms, which he appreciated as it made him a better leader, but sometimes those criticisms made Sunstorm a stubborn seeker.

"Well...first of all, the space bridge had recently been activated from the other side, and second, the frequency coming from the other side of the bridge matches up to our own universe's frequency like a mirror image, see!" Starscream explained as he showed the two graphs side by side.

Sunstorm looked down at it and said, "Hmm...well you're the expert at this science stuff, so I'll just take your word for it."

"Now Sunstorm, don't just do that. Let's get to know this Jazz in a better environment, then we'll know for sure if he truly is from the other side." Starscream suggested.

Starscream turns toward Jazz and says, "I'm so sorry about this! I'm..."

"Starscream?" Jazz finished.

"Yes. So you've met the me in your universe?"

"Yeah, except he's the opposite of you." Jazz answered.

"Hmm...I don't suppose he's a leader like me?" Starscream asked.

"You're the leader? Wow! Definitely not! The other Starscream's been trying to take over the con's from Megatron!" Jazz explained, then he points at Thundercracker, "and these guys must be clones too, this one is an egomaniac"

"Really?" Thundercracker brushed off.

Jazz then pointed to Sunstorm and said, "and he's a sycophant."

"Well that's definitely the opposite of me, I don't kiss anyone's aft!"

"No, you just criticize everyone just to boost your ego!"

"You're one to talk! No one's got a bigger ego than you!"

Jazz looked at Thundercracker puzzled and pondered, "Still the same as the other guy, I thought everything in this universe was the complete opposite?"

"Yes, that is what most people think about mirror universes, or parallel as some call it. But like with a mirror, sometimes the reflections can look the same." Starscream explained.

"Hmm...that does make sense. There is someone here that seems similar to their counterpart. Of course I'd like to be re-introduced since we kinda got of the wrong foot and all."

"Who would that be?" Starscream asked.

"That would be Arcee. I'd also like to hear how she came about in joining you guys." Jazz answered.

Thundercracker didn't look too pleased, but he spoke up, "I'll go get her, but I must warn that her story is not a very pleasant one."

"Hey, I ain't gonna make her tell me anything she doesn't want to." Jazz informed him.

Thundercracker nodded in acknowledgment and walked out.

"Come on, let's go to the recreation room, I think you'll be more comfortable there. You must be thirsty, would you like some energon?" Starscream asked.

"Oh yeah! Thanks!" Jazz said.

After getting settled in, Jazz gladly accepted his cube and drank down the much needed refreshment. However a pang of guilt hit him because he knew that wherever Blurr and even Shockwave ended up, they weren't being treated like this. He figured that if the Autobots here really are bad, then the interrogation with Thundercracker and Sunstorm would probably be considered heaven to them.

Thundercracker returns with Arcee.

"Hey, I'm sorry about pointing the gun at you." Arcee said.

"Oh it's aright. I take my counterpart here ain't as friendly as me?" Jazz accepted as he shook her hand.

"Far from it! Your counterpart is one of the worst Autobots." Arcee stated.

"Like how bad is he?" Jazz curiously asked.

"He's very cold-sparked. He also hates everything that is different from him." Arcee answered.

"That's terrible! I definitely ain't like that. I love different things, cultures, and sentient beings. Oh yeah, I LOVE organics too!"

"Even humans?" Arcee asked.

"Yep! Even humans. So...what about you? You seem to be a sweet spark like my Arcee."

"Sweet spark?" Arcee chuckled and said, "Well...I can be to my mates, but on the do not want to face me!"

Thundercracker smiled as she leaned into him.

"Yes, he's my mate. I did have Blitzwing too, but he was killed by the Autobots." Arcee said sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Jazz acknowledged.

"It's hard sometimes, but the sparkling we had together helps keep me strong." Arcee replied.

He replies, "Sounds like our Arcee, she was also very strong."

Arcee looked taken aback and asked, "Was? You mean your Arcee died?"

Jazz waved his hands and replied, "No! No! She's still online, I mean our Arcee is in a stasis lock on spark support. Though..."

He sighed.

"What is it?" Arcee questioned.

"It was induced by us." Jazz replied sadly.

"That's exactly what happened to me! I had a code for Omega Surpeme, but I refused to give it over so I wiped my own memory. So they put me in stasis lock, but they kept my heat cycles turned on and every time my heat cycle came, the Autobots purposely teased me as a form of torture by never satisfying them." Arcee explained.

Jazz frowned cause her story was too similar to her counterpart. So he told her the story.

Cybertron in Jazz's Universe...

Ratchet was forced to resort to wiping her memory to protect the code to Omega Supreme, and even though Arcee was repairable, Ultra Magnus decided to keep her in stasis in order to prevent the Decepticons from trying to obtain the code again. Unfortunately her heat cycles were never turned off. Even though Ultra Magnus was told by Red Alert how neglecting them could have consequences on Arcee and her state of processor, it was his decision not to satisfy them because he didn't see it as necessary. But when he caught Red Alert satisfying them herself to relieve Arcee, she was terminated as the Elite guard's medic and reassigned to Rodimus Prime, who had also been demoted and led the second ragtag team of the Autobots.

Meanwhile before Starscream's Clones leave for Earth...

The seekers had broken into the Elite Guard's base.

"We did it! Now let's see what we can find here." said Slipstream.

"Hmpf! If you ask me, it was a little too easy to get in!" Thundercracker spoke up.

"Or...their security is not so Elite!" Slipstream replied.

"Well I think that this place is brilliant!" Sunstorm complimented as he looked around.

"Can we hurry up, I'm scared!" Skywarp nervously requested.

Slipstream groaned and answered, "You're always scared!"

Thundercracker was about to make a comment until a scent caught his censors. He paused and found that it is coming from one of the infirmaries. He tried the button to open the door, but it was locked. Lucky for him, Skywarp was nearby so he grabbed his shoulder.

"Ahhh!!!" Skywarp screamed.

"Quit screaming, it's just me!" Thundercracker hissed. Then he calmly requested, "I want you to warp us into that room."

"In there?" Skywarp pointed.

"Yes! In there!" Thundercracker answered.

"But what if there's something scary inside?" Skywarp shivered.

"Warp us in there, or I'll show you scary!" Thundercracker shouted.

"OK! OK!" Skywarp yelped, and then he grabbed Thundercracker and warped them inside the infirmary.

Skywarp covered his optics in fright, but when he saw who else was in the room, he uncovered them completely and looked in wonder at Arcee, who was on spark support. Like Thundercracker, he too noticed the scent and then felt something stir underneath his pelvic plating.

"What's going on? Why do I feel funny?" Skywarp asked.

" called arousal, and that is caused by the sight of the most beautiful femme in heat!" Thundercracker explained as he made his way over to Arcee and brushed his hand on her face.

Despite being in a spark coma, Arcee smiled in response to the gentle touch.

"See! She likes it too." Thundercracker pointed out.

Skywarp looked her over and he too thought she looked beautiful. But then he got scared when Thundercracker's hands ventured further down her body and rubbed her pelvic plating, which caused Arcee to moan.

"Oh yes! You like this, don't you? I am Thundercracker! And I can make you overload a dozen times!" he boasted. Then he looked over at Skywarp and grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing?" Skywarp asked.

"Giving you a chance to touch her." Thundercracker answered.

Skywarp tried to pull his hand away and asked, "What if she wakes up?"

"Don't be such a coward! Come on! It's not like we're gonna rape her. Besides, I want her awake before we interface, it'd be a lot more fun, especially to hear her call out my name." Thundercracker said.

Skywarp slowly moved his hand in and lightly brushed his fingers on her arm. Thundercracker grabbed his hand and moved it onto her chassis. Skywarp kept it there and slowly moved it up and down.

"Now, doesn't that feel nice?" Thundercracker asked.

"Uh...yeah! She's not scary at all! She's...pretty!" Skywarp relaxed.

Arcee began to mewl as Thundercracker continued to brush his fingers on her plating. But his fun was interrupted when the door slid open to reveal an angry Slipstream.

"What are you guys doing!?" Slipstream yelled.

"Ahh! We're not hurting her!" Skywarp yelped in fright.

Slipstream looked over and saw Arcee on the slab and her optics boiled in anger.

"We're suppose to be looking for Shockwave, and you idiots just had to listen to your cables! Now get over here or I'll rip them off!" Slipstream threatened.

Skywarp ran out of the room in fear of her making good on her threat. Thundercracker just smirked and replied, "Oh come on, we were just having fun! Besides you, I haven't seen another lovely femme."

"You'll have plenty of time to plug your cable into one when the war is over! I should've just left you here and let you get caught, but let's go before the guards get here!" Slipstream ordered.

After they left, Arcee called out in a soft voice, "Thundercracker."
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Yay! another chapter! I feel soo bad for the guys chucked into the SG universe, but I'm glad Jazz got "captured" by the Decepticons! (never thought I'd say that hehe)
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poor megs....T_T
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